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Kicking off 2015’s first Wizer Wednesday with product marketer, Peter Moore.

How would you describe the ideal role of product marketing within a technology company?

Product marketing is the voice of the company, and more importantly the voice of the product. Capabilities and features, customer needs, and market conditions are at the forefront of a product marketer’s mind at all times. A good product marketer works to make communication and alignment between different teams as smooth as possible in order to deliver a quality, timely product.

How do product marketers work effectively with the larger product team?

The product team has the vision for the product. As a product marketer, I help them share this vision internally, get people on board to work towards the common goal, and then communicate the objectives externally to partners, press, and customers.

What should product marketers know about Wizeline?

It’s not just for engineers and tech leads! The platform is incredibly useful for releasing announcements, aligning teams to work together, and promoting transparency throughout the process. There are no touch points unconsidered or tasks forgotten.

What are currently your top feature requests you’d like to see incorporated into the Wizeline platform?

Integrations with Basecamp and Asana would be great, because as a marketer I use these tools more often than I use JIRA. I’d also like to be able to assign individual ownership of features within a team release. This would be helpful to denote who specifically owns which deliverable, or in this case a feature.

Our entire team is using Wizeline for product development. How is the platform different from what other product teams are currently using?

It’s one platform! Much better than having eight different Excel sheets all tracking the same thing.

To wrap things up, what is a B2B company out there who you think is crushing their product/market fit?

Workday. They did a great job recognizing where modern technology could be applied to make entire companies run more efficiently, and at a level that positively impacts everyone in the organization.

Peter leads Product Marketing at Wizeline, applying his passion for solving hard problems for companies of all shapes and sizes. Peter brings product marketing and management experience to Wizeline from a diverse professional background, spanning finance, information security, big data analytics, and real time media. He perhaps takes the “agile” philosophy a bit too far, applying it not only to product teams, but also to mastering things like skiing and what to do in San Francisco on the weekends. Peter holds a degree in Economics from Northwestern University.

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