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On behalf of the Wizeline team, it’s my pleasure to announce the availability of Wizeline Roadmap — a lightweight new roadmapping tool that makes it easy to bring your plans to life. Wizeline Roadmap is in beta and is free to use for individuals.

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Delivering What Users Want

As a team who’s passionate about product, we hear a wide variety of feedback from our users, ranging from specific feature requests and enhancements, to my all-time favorite—a request for “more cowbell.”

Here are just a few pieces of feedback we gathered during the user research we conducted for Wizeline Roadmap.

“I need rigorous workflows and integrations, but also want something super lightweight.”

“I want to be able to whip up something high-level on a deadline and fill in the details later.”

“I want a purely visual tool to draw and share my plan.”

People want to be able to get what’s in their head onto the screen in the smoothest way possible. We made sure to keep this goal in mind. As a result, Wizeline Roadmap gives users an intuitive, sketchpad-like space to draw up any type of plan.

That means Wizeline Roadmap isn’t just for product people — marketers, investors, IT leaders and anyone else can easily create visual roadmaps to clearly communicate their plans.  

Wizeline Portfolio Plans

Key to our process: tracking and quantifying what matters most to users. We captured feedback from customer accounts through Salesforce, heard interesting anecdotes from Slack channels and received direct user feedback through other channels — and used them all to inform and validate our direction.

We look forward to continuing to enhance the value we deliver in both use cases for all of our customers and users.

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We invite you to give Wizeline Roadmap a try with free beta access so you can get from idea to plan as smoothly as possible. We look forward to your feedback. Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements coming soon!

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Posted by on Wednesday, January 11, 2017.


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