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I hope everyone had a restful and happy holiday season!  We’re excited to kick off the new year, and we’re starting by delivering some new things in Wizeline that a lot of our customers have been asking for.

With our latest release, we’ve delivered a high-level view of release and roadmap status across multiple products, and a new user role Admins can assign to give access to this level of information.

All Products Roadmap

You can now see all releases for all products in your organization in a single dashboard view with the All Products Roadmap.

View all prioritized releases for all products in a single dashboard with the All Products Roadmap.

Your Wizeline Admin and any Wizeline users with the right permissions (we’ll get to that in a minute) can see this swimlane-style dashboard of prioritized releases for each product.  All of the key information for your product team leader is there, including related JIRA stories and Salesforce opportunities, engineering effort, and an indicator of progress to completion for each release.

With the All Products Roadmap, executives or team leaders can get a high level view of product status, without digging into the details of individual features or asking a product manager to take the time to synthesize a report.

Executive User

You can now assign a new Executive user role in Wizeline, specifically for executives or team leaders to see the All Products Roadmap and other high level information.  Visit People in the left hand navigation, and use the drop down to assign this user role.

Your Wizeline Admin can use the drop down in People to assign the Executive user role.

This Executive user role has access to the All Products Roadmap, can see prioritized releases, and can do things like make feature requests and fill out Internal Team Surveys. However, these users don’t have the ability to edit or prioritize release, evaluate incoming feature requests, or other abilities specific to Editors or Admins. This gives your Executive user all the polished information they want, without too much granular information or control.

We hope you like these new features! They’re only available in our paid plans, so folks using Wizeline for free right now can reach out to us for a demo. Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter, @thewizeline.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Thursday, January 15, 2015.


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