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sara_credlyFor this Customer Success Spotlight we chatted with Sara Petry, Director of Product at Credly, to learn a bit more about their team, what they’re building and how Wizeline fits into the mix.

Hi Sara, thanks for chatting! Can you tell me about Credly?

Of course! Credly is a tech company focused on digital credentialing. It’s a relatively new field—we help companies verify skills and distribute secure digital credentials. Many of our customers are schools and companies that run corporate training, but we also work with large enterprises and associations looking to replace their more traditional credentialing systems with a scalable, digital process.

As Director of Product, I lead our product and engineering teams in building out the platform. I joined relatively recently, and our team is at a place where we know our customers and we’re scaling up. Now my job is to wrangle all the moving parts together.

Is there a specific pain or need that led you guys to look for a solution like Wizeline?

So when I joined Credly, we had a few disparate systems involved in product management. The team was using JIRA, Google Drive, and Salesforce—all with varying consistency. Long story short, we needed one platform that would get our executives out of the day-to-day and help the business side of the company know what’s going on without having to get into JIRA.

My boyfriend is an engineer at another startup, and he told me that a PM there used Wizeline and was finding it super helpful! I started poking around and found it very usable. The integrations were the biggest sell for us. The Wizeline platform allowed us to tie in the systems we were already using, and became a forcing function for us to finally get Salesforce and JIRA organized.

Glad to hear! How has it been working with our team so far?

It’s been great. I worked with Tyler from Sales initially to evaluate the tool, and he made himself super available to get us set up. Natalie in Customer Success has been amazing too—she’s always ready to help if we need anything, and is proactive about checking in. Natalie also does a phenomenal job of communicating with my team, whether it’s working directly with me or troubleshooting Salesforce with the COO.

Natalie is awesome! So on top of it.

Agreed. One last thing I’d like to mention is that since joining Credly, I’ve been working to expand our customer service department. The experience I’ve had with the Wizeline team is a great example for anyone looking for inspiration in how to build out their own Customer Success process.

Posted by on Friday, October 21, 2016.


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