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A little over a year ago, we created a services business called Wize Services. Led by CEO Matt Pasienski, the company set out to enable companies to effectively execute on the product strategy and roadmaps they had defined using Wizeline’s technology platform. Wize Services was separately held and operated.

Eight months in, the services business had parlayed one successful project into several dozen — and the team had grown from two to nearly forty. All the while, they enabled their clients to deliver to market highly successful and innovative products.

Today, I’m excited to announce that Wizeline has acquired Wize Services, a move that significantly expands the capabilities available to our customers.

In addition to our popular product strategy and roadmapping software, going forward we’ll offer an integrated product delivery solution that pairs Wizeline technology with expert, full-stack development services. Distributed systems, machine learning, platform development — the combined business will tackle some of today’s biggest software challenges.

Established enterprises and startups that are seeking scale now have a powerful new option to extend and accelerate their ability to deliver winning products to market. By bringing together the two businesses, Wizeline is now the only provider to offer software and services that connect product strategy and execution.

The team’s organizing principles ensure that our clients’ goals are our own goals. Click To Tweet

I feel this is also a good time to share a bit of background on Wize Services’ proven formula for success — and how we came upon the decision to expand to solutions.

Wize Services’ growth and success are largely due to the fact that their approach to software development mirrors that of Wizeline and other world-class product companies. Beyond just writing code, the services team has tackled big challenges — ones that touch machine learning, platform development, and data visualization — as well as big trends like bots and messaging services. As a result, they’ve been able to attract the brightest and hungriest engineers and product designers — individuals who are passionate about devising clever solutions to customer problems.


Another key to Wize Services’ success has been their effective pod-based model, which provides the core functions needed for modern product development. Inspired by product management best practices and agile development methodologies, the model is organized around pods of full-stack teams — 5 engineers, a UX designer, a project manager, and a technical writer. The approach scales fast and has enabled our teams to consistently deliver breakthrough results.

Further, the team’s organizing principles ensure that our clients’ goals are our own goals. Fundamental to the services formula, we help customers establish clear product goals for each project. We then put in place a communications approach that draws on both automated progress tracking, via the Wizeline platform, and proactive reporting from our team leads. The result: stakeholders have a clear understanding what the goals are, and why, and also have the information needed to quantify the project’s impact to their core business.

I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity we have to help customers transform how their teams build technology. Click To Tweet

Finally, a note on how this acquisition came to be. As we were scaling our software business, we came upon a noteworthy trend. Customers were getting lots of value by using the Wizeline platform to intelligently plan and prioritize development work and create clear product roadmaps. But they didn’t always have the development resources available to execute on their newly found strategies. Sure, they could staff up a team of Android or iOS developers, for example, but this would take time and likely push their roadmap out a number of months — if not quarters.

This got us thinking: clearly there was a need for added expertise and talent for execution, so why not provide that extension to our customers’ existing teams? After many discussions with customers and partners, we decided that it made a lot of sense to bring both Wizeline and Wize Services together under the Wizeline brand.

The combined company will remain focused on delivering both the strategy software and the product delivery services to help companies get innovative products to market, faster. We’ll immediately have over 100 employees and expect to grow to over 200 by the end of the year.

As we close in on the second half of 2016, I’m incredibly excited by the opportunity we have to help customers transform how their teams build technology, and I look forward to working with the Wizeline team — and yours — in the months and quarters to come. If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to connect with me or contact our team directly. 

Bismarck Posted by Bismarck on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.


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