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I always tell my friends I’ve unintentionally built my career backwards, starting in the non-profit world, going corporate, and then continuing to fluctuate between the two over the past 8 years. Nothing has looked linear, nor made much sense to my parents. My mantra during this journey has been: follow your intuition about what interests you, what kind of risk you want to take, and what kind of impact you want to make at this moment in your life and then jump in. Which brings me to how I made my most recent work decision.

In short, my story goes like this:

Inspired young college grad wants to have a positive impact on the world. Starts with non-profit space in Panama, then builds a business mentoring program for women with the U.S. Department of State, realizing that economic development is a huge driver of change. Shifting gears into business, I receive Fulbright Programs grant to Mexico and work in venture capital and private equity for two years then combining both social passion and financial acumen at Accion Venture Lab leading investments and portfolio engagement. Enthralled with the idea of expanding financial asset classes to emerging market tech start-ups, I move to Silicon Valley Bank where I supported over 440 venture capital firms and startups in Latin America.

In all of these roles, my north star was my belief that the way to change the world was to support global entrepreneurs through access capital and mentorship for fast-paced growth and impact.

I absolutely loved learning about the ideas people had to change their world for the better and enjoyed being a small part of their story by connecting them to like-minded builders, mentors, and investors. But in the recent years in my career, I’ve had this growing conviction to get my hands dirty in actual company building, and join a fast growing start-up that’s having the same kind of impact that matters to me.

In my last article on Medium, I wrote how Silicon Valley is going global and how technology companies are now being built with distributed and diverse teams from day one. In my opinion, there’s no better example of this than the technology company I’ve joined as Director of Business Development, Wizeline.


Wizeline is a rockstar combination of technology services consulting and development implementation with a network of 5,000 engineers all over the world, principally in Mexico and Vietnam. In an ever-changing world, strategy and product consulting on its own often falls short and can mean good ideas stay stagnant. Combining the two enables companies to quickly innovate, think out of the box, implement, and optimize their business.

From product strategy and UX design, to data science and machine learning, Wizeline has been able to build technology for companies like New York Post, Digital Arts Network + Mastercard, TWG, and many others.

Not only that, given some of the recent immigration headwinds in the United States, it’s never been harder for the best talent to come and stay in this country. At Wizeline, borders aren’t a threat, they are a bridge to our success because we believe that talent is borderless.

With our recent fundraise of $43M from Apax Digital, we’re building and enabling the global digital transformation talent pool, and I’m excited to be a part of this bold story.

Going forward you can reach me at, and I’m excited to keep sharing what we’re building in the coming months.

(ALSO: we’re hiring like crazy — come work with us!)

Written by Jackie Hyland, Director of Business Development at Wizeline. This post first appeared on Jackie’s Medium blog.

Nellie Luna Posted by Nellie Luna on Monday, May 21, 2018.


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