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It has been a busy and fun-filled year. By the numbers: 12 leading voices on product management and product development. 125,000 video views. 50 blog posts. 100 push-ups. Countless tips and best practices…

In no particular order, here are our staff picks: the Top 10 Moments from the 2015 season of “Confessions of a Product Manager.” Huge thanks to our guests and everyone who has helped to make this year possible.


1. Uber’s former Head of Product, Mina Radhakrishnan

On why it’s important to be your own power user, when possible, and how the Uber team focused on user research to identify new use cases for their service.


2. Optimizely's co-founder and CTO, Pete Koomen

On why "metrics-driven does not mean customer ignorant," and how Optimizely's team tackled product development in the early days.


3. April Underwood, Head of Platform at Slack (formerly of Twitter)

On why achieving alignment on product vision, strategy and goals is key to guiding an optimal balance between business objectives and user needs.


4. Satya Patel, Partner at Homebrew

On the 3 things he asks of Product teams: a "living" document outlining at least one main user story; a check-in for green-lighting projects; and framework for effective cross-functional team collaboration.


5. Bret Taylor, Quip Co-Founder & Former Facebook CTO

On how an initially confusing and controversial feature — single-bar search — ended up becoming an enduring and successful feature of Google Maps.


6. Adam Smith of Bowery Capital

On why one of a product manager's top priorities should be helping engineers — and the entire team — understand customers' biggest problems.


7. Ooyala's co-founder & former CTO, Sean Knapp

On determining the right time horizon for which to optimize your product strategy.


8. Bigcommerce Chief Product Officer, Tim Schulz

On how to use a "40/30/30" model to effectively focus a team around big bets, tech debt and specific customer requests.


9. Mark Cranney of Andreessen-Horowitz

On why it's essential to think beyond primary user personas — to managers and C-level execs — when developing your product roadmap.


10. Gokul Rajaram of Square

We'd be remiss if we didn't include the interview that started it all, back in 2014... Here's the "Godfather of Adsense" on how to apply a "success begets success" philosophy to effectively scale a team around a product.


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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Monday, December 28, 2015.


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