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Everyone could use a little extra help over the holidays, retailers in particular, who make as much as 30% of annual sales between Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, extra help equates to extra cost—almost enough to offset increased holiday revenue. A gift to companies across industries this holiday season? AI-driven “helpers” requiring little capital investment and none of the incurred costs coming with seasonal employees.


According to Nielsen’s 2016 Holiday Trend Report, online shopping has overtaken retail, with 58% of shoppers preferring a digital experience to brick-and-mortar. Can you venture a guess as to which devices are overwhelmingly used for purchasing? Mobile accounts for one-third of the four-day Thanksgiving Day weekend’s 36.5 billion dollars in sales.

Consumers spend more time on messaging platforms like Kik and Messenger than other social media apps, and chatbots allow retailers to reach and engage consumers natively within the messaging platforms. Many marketing and sales chatbots now function with machine learning, allowing them to understand, learn from and respond intelligently to chat, so retailers can divert human resources elsewhere. In deep integrations and commerce, chatbots check for errors, integrate to APIs, route queries and escalate conversations to live human support when needed.

This just scratches the surface of what a chatbot can deliver for your company come the holidays. Check back for Part 2—a deeper dive on how AI can help deliver customer support and personalized solutions in real time.

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Posted by on Friday, December 16, 2016.


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