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Every good product manager knows the importance of context. Valuable information might not seem that important if it’s encountered in the wrong environment. The right surroundings make all the difference. Add an elegant user experience to the right context, and you have a recipe for happy users and a more valuable product.

With that and input from our customers in mind, we’ve streamlined some key aspects of the Wizeline experience to make your feature request and management process easier, give you more information when you need it, and put it in a place that makes intuitive sense.

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Easy Features Navigation

When you look at Features in Wizeline, you’ll see the difference. The left side navigation now minimizes and individual features take up less vertical space, allowing you to see more of your backlog above the fold. When you click on a feature, details now show up in a side panel on the right, leaving your list of features intact so you can keep your place. You’ll see this same side panel appear so you can easily add your content when you want to add a new feature to the list.

Easy feature backlog grooming
See more features on each page, and feature details in a side panel for better context

Use the arrow buttons to flip through the details of features in your list without having to click back and forth. And when it’s time to make changes to feature details, just double click in the field you’d like to edit. Nice and easy!

Request Filters

We’ve also given Requests a power boost. You can now do a lot more with your request data in addition to recent updates to group similar requests. Getting organized is easier – click to sort requests by their different attributes, including requestor, request name, date, and status. Looking for a specific request, but don’t see it at the top of the list? Search is now more powerful, allowing for searches by specific requester and request name. Want to know which team submits the most requests? We’ve added a filter for requesting team as well.

Powerful filters allow for better request management
Powerful filters allow for better request management

Finally, requesters can go back and edit requests to add detail as needed once a request has already been submitted.

We’ll be doing a demo of these new features this week — sign up to see them in action! If you miss our demo, you can catch the recording, or check out our knowledge base for best practices and help getting started with Wizeline. We’re excited to hear what you think! Feel free to reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter, @thewizeline.

Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.


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