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All product managers want to talk to all of their stakeholders and customers to get valuable product input, but until now it has never been possible to accomplish this feat at scale.

Talking to people one by one gives you valuable feedback, but you can only talk to so many. And fielding requests over email gives you access to an unlimited number of users and stakeholders, but consolidating and understanding that information is a whole job in itself.

We’ve combined the best of both approaches to enable anybody to submit product requests via email. Wizeline customers now have a seamless, scalable way to capture feedback from anyone.

Not Just Another Email Alias

Now that we’ve been using this feature ourselves, it’s easy to see why our customers listed it as one of their top feature requests.

Easily de-duplicate, rank, and manage email requests
Easily de-duplicate, rank, and manage email requests

Valuable insights at scale.  Whether your audience  is closer to 10 people or 10,000, Wizeline automatically aggregates input, retains valuable context, and provides the tools to easily merge, de-duplicate, reject, and promote requests.

Easy requests. People use email intuitively, and they’ve been coached to submit feature requests via email in most cases anyways. From a requester’s perspective, there’s no workflow change at all – and zero barrier to sharing good ideas.

Closed communication loop. Any requests from Wizeline users are tracked through the Wizeline system, and notifications are triggered for key events, such as a request getting added to your feature backlog.

Painless setup. All you need to do is turn on email requests in Wizeline, make sure people can find the generated email address in your corporate email directory, and you’re good to go. (check out our setup best practices)

Bottom line, Wizeline email requests make it incredibly easy for the right people to provide essential feedback, in a seamless way.

We hope you like the new feature, and we’d like to hear some more great ideas! Email to let us know how we can make our product request management even better.  And since this feature is only available to Enterprise customers, get in touch if you want to see it in action.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, May 20, 2015.


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