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Let’s face it: Feature requests are no fun. This holds true whether you’re on the requesting side, or the receiving side.

Requesters typically feel like they’re sending asks into a black hole, never to be seen again. Receivers feel overwhelmed by a tidal wave of customer needs and market signals, usually submitted in an ad hoc manner via a slew of different channels — email, conversations, customer meetings, spreadsheets…

The problem isn’t that the two sides don’t see eye to eye — the problem is that the process for managing feature requests is cumbersome, fragmented and annoying for everyone involved. There’s a smarter, simpler way.

Our latest release includes some nifty updates that turn feature request pain into power. With in-app feature requests, anyone from your organization can submit feature requests directly within the Wizeline application.

Wizeline In-App Feature Requests

You can:

  • Standardize the process for gathering product insights: Enable any member of your organization to submit requests based on the customer and market needs they identify
  • Quickly route requests: de-duplicate, edit, dismiss and prioritize
  • Effortlessly keep requesters updated by sending automated alerts whenever changes are made to feature status
  • Track the full lifecycle of your features, from initial customer need, to prioritization, to post-release

Also included in our mid-September release are some simple, yet powerful, updates to our resource allocation model.

In short, you’re now able to set a development budget for each release, and ensure that your prioritized features fall within that budget.

Wizeline's cost estimation and allocation modeling.

We also let you define custom cost units for each feature — whether you use points, engineering hours or t-shirt sizes.

Wizeline custom cost-to-build estimationResults? Each of your prioritized product releases are consistently defined to include the highest-impact features that are actually attainable.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.


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