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Roadmap now makes it easier than ever to collaborate with your team to deliver on your plan. We’ve just released several features promoting healthy teamwork so you can achieve your goals. Here’s a look at what’s new:

Assign Ownership

You can now assign ownership of specific items on your roadmap to people in your organization.

wizeline product roadmap assign owner

Assign roadmap items to team members to visually indicate ownership, notify item owners and keep your team engaged.

This action displays the owner’s name and avatar next to their roadmap item. It also automatically notifies them with an invitation to collaborate. Team members will get notified whenever anyone comments on an item they own. We think you’ll enjoy spending less time in meetings and seeing your team more engaged when they have a more visible sense of ownership.

Visualize Links and Dependencies

This establishes relationships between roadmap items. Now, you can visually indicate things like dependencies, redundant work, shared resources or other links. Search for a related item in the side panel, and view links as dotted lines on the roadmap. Mouse over a roadmap item to see its link lines highlighted in green.

wizeline product roadmap dependencies

Here’s an example of linked dependencies. The dotted lines indicate linked items. Any related links are colored green when you hover your mouse over a roadmap item.

Invite and Export

Vocal beta users, this one’s for you: we improved the invitation flow so your colleagues can join any roadmap with fewer clicks. You can also grant specific individuals edit or view only permissions for more sharing control.

We also made some powerful export enhancements so you can export over any date range, display high level or full detail, show roadmap milestone details in a side column and display everything in higher resolution. Now everybody will understand your plan whether or not they want to log in themselves.

Comment and Notify

Finally, we’ve enhanced commenting and notification features. Now you can maintain awareness and alignment around specific items on your roadmap as status changes.

Every roadmap item has its own comments thread so anyone with access to your roadmap can stay in the loop. Once a user adds a comment, they’ll get an email notification whenever a new comment is posted to the same thread. You can also include markdown formatting and multimedia (images, GIFs, video and hyperlinks) to properly illustrate your point. We hope you’ll enjoy delivering quick messages to your most interested stakeholders.

All of these features are part of our free, ongoing public beta program for Roadmap. Beta program participants will also be the first to know about new features, so sign up for free to try them out and make sure you’re in the loop. We welcome your input and feedback!

Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Thursday, July 20, 2017.


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