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A product roadmap says a lot about a company. It says: these are the customer problems we’re going to solve; these are our business goals; this is our strategic vision; and this is what we think is feasible.

Important stuff. So why do so many companies rely on spreadsheets, stickies and slides to guide their product planning process?


After months of interviews, user research and development, we’re excited to introduce Wizeline’s enhanced product roadmaps for product managers everywhere. Our new roadmaps are more interactive and make it easier for teams to:

  • Produce clear product plans that accurately reflect what customers actually want;
  • Make fast edits when new information becomes available;
  • And create a single place to keep everyone aligned and informed, with the right level of information for their role

» For full details on what’s new, see this product update.

Make agile plans

Wizeline product roadmaps enable agile planning, and make it easy to edit and navigate your plan. You can quickly create releases, add features, and adjust priorities based on customer feedback and other data.


Create your ‘single point of truth’

With Wizeline, product teams are able to create a single place to keep their stakeholders informed with the right level of detail relevant to them. No more conflicting versions of the roadmap, no more emails from confused teammates.


New in this release, users on paid plans can visualize their higher-level initiatives in Wizeline, which extend across multiple products and teams within the platform. The result: executive stakeholders are able view plans — and see progress — across their organization’s entire product portfolio.  

Communicate trade offs

Product develowizeline-product-roadmap-featurespment decisions inevitably involve trade offs: building x and y, for instance, means that z won’t get done — at least not within the same timeframe.

Also new with this release, the “Wizeline” is now visible within your releases on the roadmap. This visual element clearly communicates to stakeholders which features are a top priority within a release (those above the line), and which features came in second (those below).

Interested in learning more? Contact us to see the new roadmaps in action and see how your product plan looks in Wizeline. 

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, November 11, 2015.


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