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Wizeline Roadmap is out of beta! Team and Pro plans are now available to help you visualize plans, share eye-catching roadmaps and collaborate to achieve your team’s goals. Creating and sharing visual plans is now faster and simpler than ever, regardless of your team’s goal, size or industry.

product roadmap software


Better planning for all

Wizeline Roadmap works for everyone. Whether you’re developing a quarterly marketing plan, building a software release schedule or planning your company holiday party in Mexico, you can use Wizeline Roadmap to bring your plans to life.


Visualize your ideas in seconds

Wizeline Roadmap makes it faster and easier than ever to communicate your ideas in a way that everyone can understand. Spreadsheets are a common go-to, but they’re not visual. Enterprise software out there is clunky and hard to use. Even the least tech-savvy can visualize exactly what’s in their head simply by dragging and drawing.

drag and draw product roadmap software
Drag and draw to create a visual roadmap in seconds


Any user can create multiple roadmaps, and share roadmaps with a colleague to collaborate. Keep your draft private until it’s ready for feedback, and invite your team with edit or read-only access depending on what’s helpful for your process.

software share permissions
Create and manage any number of roadmaps, and maintain control over access to each of them separately

Once you create a roadmap, edits and iteration are quick and easy—simply point, click and drag.


Share your plans

When it’s time to share your roadmap with your team or customers, there’s no need for design help to make it look good — it’s ready to present. You’ll see the dynamic change in your meetings when you show your high level plan, drill in for details and answer everyone’s questions without having to stall or switch documents.

If people can’t make your meeting, no problem. Export your roadmap with one click for a highly professional visualization of your plan that fits perfectly on a slide.


Stay on track and deliver

Wizeline Roadmap helps you share the different elements of your plan—including the finish line. Create milestones, check-ins or other significant points in time so everyone understands what needs to happen, by when.

capture product milestones
Establish milestones to track toward major events or minor check-ins

Unfortunately, things don’t always go according to plan — the great 1990’s philosopher Mike Tyson once said that “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.Wizeline Roadmap helps you roll with the punches! Visual risk indicators highlight what’s on track and what’s at risk of slipping. This means you can address small issues before they become big problems and clearly identify risky areas in your plan to avoid surprises.

Identify and quantify risk, and use the data to inform your roadmap decisions


Get started today

Wizeline Roadmap beta was free for personal use, and you can still use the product for free on an individual basis. Now, larger teams can try Wizeline Roadmap for free as well for up to 14 days. Be sure to share your feedback as you try it out, and look forward to more exciting features coming soon.

Get roadmapping today!

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