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Watch the above video to get a high-level overview of Wizeline's popular product management software. Our SaaS-based offering provides a powerful set of tools to help teams collaborate and build winning products that customers love.

Product managers and others involved in the product development process are able to:

  • Streamline their workflows and save time
  • Easily create and share visual product roadmaps
  • Gather product input from customers and other stakeholders
  • Automate the routing of feature requests
  • Track engineering and development progress via integration with JIRA
  • Apply data to prioritize features systematically and intelligently
  • Effortlessly communicate product management updates to stakeholders and customers
  • Automatically track user engagement, feature by feature, to understand which features are driving value for their customers

To learn more about Wizeline's product management software -- and our team's approach to promoting product management best practices -- check out the related reading below.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Thursday, January 1, 2015.


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