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At Wizeline, we’re firm believers that product managers don’t make great products — companies make great products. That is, it takes everyone across an organization to nail market success.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce our new partnership with Salesforce and the availability of our Wizeline Product Tracker application on the Salesforce AppExchange. At core, the partnership and joint solution are designed to help companies bring amazing products to market.

We’re going to demo this new offering next week on Wednesday, 12/16.  Register here while spots are still available!

Our partnership with Salesforce gives company leaders the ability to bring the customer-facing and product development parts of their business closer together. Using Wizeline Product Tracker, Sales, Customer Success, Support and other teams are empowered to give meaningful product input and ensure the voice of the customer is well represented in the product development process.

Product managers can use this data and related insights within Wizeline to focus on customer needs, balance those needs with long term company strategies, and prioritize efforts that maximize revenue and product wins.

Without further ado, here’s a brief overview of some of what you can do with Product Tracker, starting today.

Easy Feature Requests

Add features to an opportunity in Salesforce

A lot of input from Sales and other customer-facing roles tends to come in the form of impassioned hallway conversations, one-off emails, or the loudest voice in the room winning Product’s ear. Now, product managers indicate which features they want to make available in Salesforce, and Salesforce users can easily note which of those features are important to a given opportunity. This information is automatically shared with the product team in a constructive way in Wizeline.

If a feature has yet to be requested, Salesforce users can also make net-new requests for the product team to evaluate, add to the backlog, and prioritize accordingly. Importantly, requesters are notified automatically via email when the status of their request is changed.


Prioritize Revenue & Strategic Accounts

See all opportunities related to a feature in Wizeline.

With access to Salesforce Opportunity metadata, features in Wizeline can display this helpful context. Wizeline users can display the number of relevant opportunities next to each feature to consider this data when grooming their backlog, and click on that number to see detail on all of those opportunities, as you see above.

Armed with these, and other, insights available within Wizeline, product managers can make informed decisions, prioritize the most-pressing market needs, and capitalize on the biggest revenue wins.

Salesforce Insights Visualized

See features visualized by number and size of opportunities.

To highlight key product and market insights, we’ve included some beautiful data visualizations within Wizeline. Above, you’ll see our Salesforce Insights graph, which clearly shows each requested feature plotted against the corresponding number of opportunities and total potential revenue that’s on the line.

Insights in Salesforce

Product managers benefit from all of this data in Wizeline, and Salesforce users benefit as well. Salesforce users can use the Wizeline tab to review reports covering feature status, feature and opportunity associations, roll-ups, and more. Users can also receive notifications when key features are delivered, so they can communicate that new development to a customer or close a deal waiting for that feature. Finally, once a release is prioritized and scheduled, it’s easy to share your roadmap with anyone by exporting to PNG in a clean, understandable format.

In Sum…

Wizeline Product Tracker brings product development leaders closer to the customer-facing teams that use Salesforce every day. Our goal is to enable smarter prioritization, better roadmaps, and ultimately, better products delivered faster.

We’re really proud of all of these new developments — we hope you’re excited too! We’ve got a webinar next week to walk through more detail of what’s new – register here before spots fill up.  As always, let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter @thewizeline, and don’t forget to check out our new listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Tuesday, December 9, 2014.


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