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New Roadmap features and plans are now available! If you haven’t used Roadmap before, it’s a simple application to visualize and share eye-catching product roadmaps so your team can deliver what customers love.

We are offering all new users a free trial of Roadmap Pro that unlocks new features and workflows. 

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Who uses Roadmap?

Roadmap is designed for individuals and teams that need to collaborate and manage complex tasks, but anyone can use it to deliver a project on time. 

Use Roadmap to micromanage your next family reunion, plan your dog’s birthday party, or, like most of our users, coordinate and manage delivery of a new product, feature or experience. 

What are our users saying about Roadmap?

“Wizeline Roadmap helps me tell a story to the entire business – account teams, engineering, executives – and ensures everyone is aligned around our product plan.”

– Ismael Serratos, Senior Software Engineer at Shopify

“I use Roadmap to visualize timelines and quickly share the impact of any changes with my stakeholders. It helps our team stay aligned and keep our plans on track.”  

– Garrett Wymore, Product Manager at Whistle Labs

“My team loves Wizeline Roadmap—it saves a ton of time and keeps us aligned.”

– Chris Monberg, Founder/CTO at Boomtrain

OK, I’m sold.  How can I get started?

Awesome.  Contact sales to learn more, or start your free trial today.  

Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, October 11, 2017.


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