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She’s the one at the company who’s admired by peers for her product savvy — or for having her finger on the pulse of an important market segment. But somehow her input rarely shows up on the product roadmap. Why?

Maybe it’s not her nature to speak up. Maybe she gave up pushing her ideas because no one listened. Or maybe she does voice her opinion, but the rest of the company is too busy pursuing other priorities to pay much heed. No matter the reasons, failing to involve the employee and capture her ideas is a business blunder of epic proportions.

We call this the “quiet genius” phenomenon — sadly, it’s really common. In our many discussions, most clients and prospective customers have said they’ve experienced a variation of the above scenario. Execs who have lost employees, only to learn later they went on to build incredible products. Product managers who can’t secure resources for a new product line. Sales members who feel their market feedback is being ignored. The question is: How many quiet geniuses work at your company? And what’s the true cost of continually ignoring them?

In many ways, Wizeline was created to answer these questions — and to ensure that no quiet geniuses are left behind.

At a high level, we make it easy to quickly gather product and market input from every stakeholder across your organization, no matter how big. This process not only enables leaders to gather key insights from every corner of every office, it also ensures that team members feel plugged in — and that they know what the company is focusing on for the coming quarters. Which features should be fast-tracked? What markets should the company prioritize for expansion? How should a particular product line be priced?

Once everyone has weighed in, Wizeline uses proprietary algorithms to rank the various priorities and provides a transparent measure of consensus. In most cases, we’ve seen the most-pressing requirements and best product ideas bubble to the top — above the Wizeline. From here, teams can make decisions in a transparent, inclusive manner about which products and features should be built.

Of course, resources are limited and you can’t build everything. Not every idea submitted by your quiet geniuses will make the product roadmap. Interestingly, we’ve found that using Wizeline leaves team members feeling included and valued — even if their items don’t make the cut. So even if your company doesn’t do everything that your team’s quiet geniuses recommend, at least they’ll feel empowered and involved.

Know a quiet genius at your company? Let us know — we’d love to hear more about how your organization captures and processes knowledge from its team members.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Tuesday, April 1, 2014.


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