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Chatbots are on the rise, empowering more engagement than ever between brands and audiences. Companies across industries are already experiencing the benefits—increased customer lifetime value, boosted brand engagement, in-depth audience insights—and professional athletics are finally getting off the sidelines and into the AI game.


Who is already winning with chatbots?

TheScore, a popular mobile-centric sports media company based in Toronto, recently dipped its toes into the world of chatbots powered by AI. So far, the endeavor has resulted in wider brand reach and increased interactions with millions of sports fans.

Sports Techie reports that theScore chatbot operates similarly to other popular sports news mobile apps, like ESPN, with one core difference—it’s hosted on the ubiquitous Facebook Messenger platform. What’s the advantage? Sports fans hunting for specific team information can simply open a chat in Facebook Messenger and select their favorite teams. The bot enables a more personal line of communication and curated engagement with the teams they follow, much preferable to sifting through a cluttered highlight reel newsfeed.

Get your brand off the bench

On the consumer side, chatbots are receiving a generally warm welcome. A recent UK study found that 46% of consumers are game to interact with chatbots, citing their immediacy and convenience as favorable. Additionally, 40% said they would employ bots as a means of connecting with a service agent—in fact, around the clock service was identified as the largest benefit by far, with 68% of participants in favor.

Between the exploding number of users on messaging apps and continuously improving AI technology, chatbots will continue to afford sports teams the opportunity to provide quality customer experience at global scale. Chatbots powered by AI are a win-win for sports.

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Posted by on Monday, January 30, 2017.


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