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Good news! After gathering feedback from several early customers, our team is ready to expand our beta integration program with JIRA, the popular project management platform from Atlassian. Keep reading for more information — or email to get signed up!

Wizeline integrations seamlessly with JIRA

Our JIRA integration helps product managers drive a more effective and more efficient product development process. It takes the product prioritization and allocation decisions you make using the Wizeline platform and automatically maps them to your JIRA instance.

Wizeline-prioritized features in JIRA

As your engineering team begins work, progress updates are automatically reported back into your Wizeline account, where key details on feature status and cost are clearly reflected on your product roadmap.

Wizeline automatically tracks development progress from JIRA

The result? Better communication, less waste and happier teams. Other benefits include:

  • Save time with seamless feature export to JIRA
  • Build what matters and avoid giving Engineering work that doesn’t add value
  • Easily identify at-risk projects and take corrective action before it’s too late
  • Avoid miscommunication about feature scope and deliverables
  • Understand which teams are consistently producing the best results

To learn more, email us at

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Posted by on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.


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