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Just as every great product is uniquely suited to solving a problem, every high performing team is different. You shouldn’t have to fit your team to a process — the process should fit the way you and your team make things happen, and help make it better.

That’s why we’ve made Wizeline more flexible and more powerful for teams of any shape or size to collaborate on product development.

Create Custom Teams

Leave the cookie cutter in the kitchen! You can now create unlimited custom teams in Wizeline. You can use your new team for more accurate survey and prioritization analytics, and to better represent product input from every stakeholder across your organization.


Create custom teams in Wizeline

Visit People and click to Create Teams, name your new team, and assign team members. The new team will be available alongside standard teams in the Team dropdown.

Comment on Requested Features

Product requests often need additional context, and requestors appreciate insight into next steps once they share a big idea. Wizeline gives product stakeholders a more conversational way to stay aligned from request to final delivery.

feature timeline

You can now add comments to requests once they are added as a feature, giving your product team a forum for constructive conversation around that feature. All comments and updates are tracked in the Feature Timeline for reference. Use this space to clarify intent behind a request, share status updates, and keep your stakeholders in the loop.

Group Requests Together

Sometimes one request doesn’t make sense on its own. With Wizeline, you can now group requests that fit together logically so you can review them together. Group requests together that combine to form an awesome new feature, or even that originate from a common team or area of your business for easier tracking.

Group requests logically for review together

Once you add a request group as a feature, you can still see and comment on each individual request, so no information is lost.

Need help navigating these new features? Check out our knowledge base for best practices, as well as help getting started with Wizeline. We’re excited to hear what you think! Feel free to reach out to us in the comments or on Twitter, @thewizeline.

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Monday, February 9, 2015.


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