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“Automation is relentless and it’s going to accelerate.” That’s the refrain from former President Obama, as well as fellow politicians and labor advocates alike. Their concern, that automation will change the modern workforce, is valid. However, it doesn’t necessarily spell bad news for traditional industries.

For example, automation offers call centers a unique opportunity to enhance customer experience by complementing, rather than replacing, their employees. Chatbots and artificial intelligence will define the a next generation of call centers that are faster, more efficient, and ultimately more customer-friendly.

More First Call Resolutions

One of the clearest advantages of call centers implementing new technology, is the ability to quickly process and resolve routine inquiries. Chatbots powered by AI can respond to simple questions from customers, like where to mail a returned product. Freeing operators from these higher-frequency asks allows them to focus on more complex customer issues, such as warranty claim or refund processing. This trade-off results in a virtuous cycle—more time for complex issues means more complex issues resolved, which in turn means fewer inbound calls tying up resources.

Shorten Hold Times

Customers hate waiting on the line, and a backlog can place added stress on call center employees, negatively impacting their performance. While customers may post testimonials online about waiting hours for service, recent studies suggest that even a 2-minute wait may be too long for most callers. The less time spent on hold, the more time they have to buy your product or tweet about your brand’s exceptional customer service.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Business Insider reports that 60% of consumers will not complete an intended purchase after a poor customer service experience—negative word of mouth can truly tank sales. Chatbots are an inexpensive solution for improving the customer journey, directly reflected in sales. These enhancements will become all the more critical in the near future, with average call volume increasing at a rate of 20% per year.

Personalize The Experience

Artificial intelligence may seem like a catchall buzzword used with increasing frequency, so as a quick refresher: it’s a software built to detect patterns in large data sets and “learn” over time from previously performed tasks. If presented with a large enough data set, and simple parameters to accomplish a task, AI software can make calculations and identify numerical relationships far faster than a human. Artificial intelligence embedded in call center software (in the form of a chatbot) can utilize large data sets about a customer (like purchase history, spending habits, etc.) in order to offer personalized recommendations or solutions.

AI-powered chatbots can make a customer’s call center experience quick, intuitive, and hassle-free. What’s more, these call center solutions offer increasingly impressive ROI by reducing phone bills and improving employee productivity. Businesses and brands willing to integrate chatbots and AI into their existing organizational structure will find themselves better positioned to provide the high-quality service experience that turns first-time buyers into life-long customers!

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Posted by on Wednesday, March 15, 2017.


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