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Ask any sales professional if their input is adequately reflected in their company’s product roadmap and chances are you’ll get a response somewhere between “No” and “Definitely, no.”

In the worst cases, requests from Sales are outright ignored by the Product and Engineering teams. More commonly, feature requests and other valuable input are simply lost amid a complex product development process that involves tens — or even hundreds — of individuals.

Regardless of the reasons, failing to use sales data to inform your product development process is a huge blunder — one that plagues many companies, sadly. Here’s what we’ve seen in our research and discussions with prospects:

  • At least 10% of deals are lost because of poor product prioritization and/or ineffective coordination between Sales and Product teams.
  • Only 2 in 10 B2B companies consistently use sales- and deal-related data to inform product roadmap planning.
  • On average, companies spend 60 percent or more of their R&D budgets developing products that are never released or used by customers. The cost of failed products may be higher still.

The good news? There’s a better way.

I’m excited to announce the beta release of Wizeline Product Tracker for Sales. Designed to enable smarter product development decisions with sales data, the application connects your organization’s Salesforce opportunity workflows with Wizeline’s product roadmap solutions. The app makes it easy to understand exactly which existing product features are helping close deals, for example, and which missing features are causing deals to be lost.

Wizeline Product Tracker screen shot
Product Tracker makes it clear which features are critical to closing opportunities
Wizeline Product Tracker: Features & Opportunities
See features and requests by Opportunity Stage and Amount

Most important, Product Tracker captures these insights from the field and incorporates them into your product team’s roadmap planning process. With clarity into which features are driving the most top line, both sales and product teams can make product development decisions that are tuned for market success.

Wizeline sales-informed roadmaps
Sales data is incorporated seamlessly into Wizeline’s product intelligence platform and roadmap solutions

Our initial Alpha customers have reported a number of benefits:

  • Quantified forecasts on which feature requests will drive the most bookings
  • Better visibility into product roadmap items and feature requests
  • Improved communication and alignment between Sales and Product

For our Product Tracker beta release, we’re looking for B2B companies that have at least 20 employees and are currently using Salesforce. If you’re interested in participating, email us at or connect with me on LinkedIn. We’ll set you up with a demo and walk you through our vision for sales-informed product development.

– James Nielsen, VP of Sales at Wizeline

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.


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