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13726755_1191470650897401_8455973416642122165_nCurious to know what an Australian soldier fighting in WWI had for brekkie? Now you can ask him yourself, along with anything else that comes to mind. The Wizeline bots team has partnered News Corp Australia to launch the AnzacLive chatbotan innovative way to share history with a modern audience.

The chatbot was created to commemorate Anzac Day, which recognizes the anniversary of the first major military action fought by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. in WWI — namely the historic battles of Fromelles and Pozieres in July 1916.

How did our bots team create a cross-century AMA? Journals from one of the soldiers, Archie Barwick, have been powered by technology. Thanks to Facebook Messenger meets Natural Language Processing, Archie is able to respond in real-time to questions, keep up with conversations, and learn based on gaps in his knowledge.

How exactly does Archie Barwick chat with you? There are a number of components at play, first being a homegrown Facebook Messenger app which allows users to carry the real-time conversations. The app, built by the Wizeline bots team, is powered by Natural Language Processing technology with along with a database of topics based on Archie’s real diary entries interpreted by the editors at News Corp Australia.

13731539_1194664903911309_7139304790509377978_nUsers are kept engaged by actionable related questions, and a living knowledge database expands the more users interact with Archie. In other words, the bot becomes more intelligent over time. Lastly, there is a subscription model which enables users to stay current on his history and receive updates from Archie’s day to day.

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Posted by on Thursday, July 21, 2016.


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