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We’ve covered the fundamentals of how AI and chatbots can help deliver customer support and personalized solutions in real time. Now let’s take a deeper dive into specific use cases!


Deliver customer support and e-commerce solutions in real time

According to the 2016 Mobile Messaging Report, 63.9 percent of customers feel that businesses should be available via messaging apps. That availability means providing real-time interaction 24 hours a day, something most retailers, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses, can’t afford to do without automation.

Add personalization to the holiday shopping experience

Bots create a private channel with the end user, allowing a retailer to customize each interaction according to the customer’s prior behavior. Bots cultivate a feeling of anonymity and comfort—the end user knows the “representative” on the other end of the conversation can’t have an opinion, won’t pass judgment and will dutifully accept any requests.

Increase customer retention

Revenue cohort analysis reveals first-time holiday customers return less frequently than first-time customers from other times of year. After the holidays, retail chatbots can:

  • Engage customers and collect feedback
  • Offer advance notice of sales, discounts and gifts
  • Suggest items based on buying history

As long as the consumer returns to the store, online or brick-and-mortar, chatbots have done their job.

Integrate chatbots into your existing social CRM

Integration into Customer Relationship Management programs can keep guests coming back. By integrating bots into mobile marketing programs and pushing New Year and other promotions to holiday shoppers, retailers give customers a reprise from app fatigue while adding a personal touch based on past interactions. Emails from retailers often get overlooked, but a brief, personalized chat creates a semblance of intimacy.

Create positive shopping experiences

Last, but not least: bots can simply make shopping more enjoyable and efficient. Retail bots can warn customers if previously viewed items might be unavailable in the near future, and they can suggest alternatives if the item sells out. When customers request a return, they can handle it without setting foot in the store. Bots can also arrange pickup times for packages and allow customers to order a replacement from their mobile devices.

It’s not too late to implement chatbots this holiday season. You’ll manage the holiday rush easier, increase your customer base and keep existing customers coming back—exactly what your business needs to stay on the nice list.

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Posted by on Thursday, December 22, 2016.


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