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Every product manager knows how difficult it is to find the balance between building everything and shipping a minimum viable product in a timely fashion.

With our latest product release, we’ve redesigned Features to make it easier to find this balance. Now product managers everywhere can better prioritize their backlogs — using data from Salesforce, JIRA and other integrations — and deliver more value to customers, faster.

Like most of our releases, these latest updates are rooted in product development best practices. Specifically, using the Wizeline platform we analyzed customer feedback and feature engagement data to identify some key improvements. It became clear that a more-streamlined Features should be made a top feature priority. So, here we are several weeks later…

Here’s a rundown of what’s new.

See more on one page

You can now see more features on a single page in Wizeline. The vertical space taken up by each feature has been slimmed down, allowing you to see more of what matters. Result: you get greater context, with less scrolling, when you’re reviewing your backlog.


More powerful filters

Filters for your features are now right on top of the backlog list, making it easier to sort for exactly what you want to see. Also: the filter is now designed as a drop down, giving you the same filtering power with a simpler, less crowded interface.


Easy data-driven prioritization

Filters aren’t the only useful new element at the top of your backlog list. With just one click, you can now see a feature’s engineering effort, revenue impact, or demand from internal or external groups. Use the drop down at the top of your backlog to overlay metadata from JIRA, Salesforce or surveys to give your list useful context when setting your priorities.


Better performance

We’ve hidden some of the feature detail from the initial Features view, allowing the page to load your full feature backlog faster. Less unnecessary ‘noise’ on the page means a simpler view, less to load, and a more performant platform. Don’t worry, nothing is lost: you can still see all the details of your features by drilling in with just a click to reveal metadata from JIRA, Salesforce or surveys.

We hope you like the new Features design! Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter, @thewizeline. And, as always, let us know how we can make Wizeline better for you!

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Peter Moore Posted by Peter Moore on Thursday, November 20, 2014.


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