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I love my job. I sell software that helps the people who build software build better software. It’s a challenging gig, but it’s also incredibly fun and rewarding. Here are seven reasons why I love pitching product managers.

1. Product managers love solving problems

Product people are inherent problem solvers. Working backwards from a problem to devise an optimal solution is a fundamental part of product management. Given that Wizeline’s platform is purpose-built to solve common challenges in the product development process, PMs are often curious to learn more about potential solutions.

2. PMs understand the benefits of discovery

Once you have their interest, product managers are incredibly helpful at helping you understand what would constitute a meaningful solution. Ever had someone demand you show them your product without providing any guidance about what might be relevant to them? I almost never run into this problem when meeting with product people.

3. Product managers understand pain

Successful product managers have empathy for their customers—and where there’s pain, it’s the PM’s job is to alleviate it. Once they open up a bit, PMs are in most cases as invested in identifying their own product development pains as you are—which makes for a really productive discovery phase.

4. Product managers are process oriented

Simply put, process does not mean bureaucracy. PMs understand this better than anybody. And at the end of the day, most product people I speak with are interested in using good, transparent process as a foil for bureaucracy creep—unnecessary meetings, endless approvals, slow decision-making.

5. Product people are innovators

Ever talk with someone who didn’t understand they had a problem, or frankly just didn’t care that there could be a better way? Product managers are inherently innovative thinkers and thus are often receptive to new ideas of doing things.

6. Product managers are both strategic and tactical

Have you ever had an end user love your solution only to lose the deal because the decision maker lacked an understanding of the tactical advantages? How about the decision maker seeing great value in affecting change but the end user fails to buy in? Product managers understand both strategic and tactical thinking, meaning they tend to see the full breadth of a value proposition.

7. PMs are passionate

Complex sales are, well, complex. You need a champion. People are are passionate about affecting positive change. PM’s being passionate about their line of work can be great champions if you solve a meaningful pain for them.

jordenJorden Kemper is an Account Executive at Wizeline. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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Posted by on Wednesday, March 4, 2015.


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