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It’s clear that chatbots have had a significant impact on a slew of industries, from customer service to healthcare. One realm with room to take greater advantage of chatbots—and could reap huge benefits from them—is sports. Sports teams utilizing chatbots as part of their digital strategy can expect boosted fan engagement, ticket sales and more, and implementing the technology represents a leap forward for athletic organizations in terms of innovation. The following are just a few examples of the positive impact chatbots can drive for sports teams…

1. Provide Relevant Sports-Related News to Fans

Recent chatbot developments are making it so bots can deliver up-to-the-minute news and scores to fans. Followers of a certain team can ask a bot specific questions, like “What’s the score in the Knicks vs. Grizzlies game?” and get the answer they need, instantly. This eliminates the time spent browsing sports news websites to find the info needed, and makes finding pertinent information easy and convenient.

2. Improve Customer Service

When athletic organizations use chatbots on their web properties, customers can turn to the bot with questions—whether they need help purchasing team swag or a question about their tickets for the next game. In most cases, the chatbot can help resolve customer service problems without needing to get a human involved. This is made possible by AI—the bot is “trained” with the existing FAQ (frequently asked questions). This yields a more positive customer service experience, one that is immediate and around-the-clock.

3. Boost Ticket Sales

Bots for athletic organization websites can boost revenue, as they do for retail and B2B. When a browsing fan expresses interest in a game, the chatbot can provide friendly encouragement to check out tickets by, for example, linking them directly to the ticket portal, or designating which seats are still available. This streamlines the purchase experience for fans, making it simpler and altogether more pleasant.

4. Sell More Swag

When a fan expresses interest in a team to a chatbot, that bot can provide suggested deals for that team’s merchandise. Even the most loyal super fan isn’t always scouring the merch pages, so they are more likely to buy when presented with a recommended purchase. Chatbots can learn specific customer tastes based on their previous purchases, and then display only the goods they know they are most likely to want.

5. Build Loyalty

A final objective for these chatbots is to create the most personalized experience for fans. Bots that are informative, helpful and save time for web visitors ultimately strengthen the bond between a fan and their team and foster loyalty.

Posted by on Thursday, December 8, 2016.


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