Based on size alone, Mexico City can seem daunting. But this dynamic and diverse capital of Mexico has an undeniable charm.

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Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world with a massive population of nine million people with 22 million in the greater metropolitan area, making it the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world.

Most of all, Mexico City is resilient; this chaotic and beautiful city teaches people how to enjoy the unexpected. Click To Tweet

With a booming economy and a 500-year-old culture, CDMX is one of the most prominent business and financial centers in the Americas—and of course, home to one of Wizeline’s development hubs. Mexico City is one of the most strategic places for business and career development in Latin America. Its privileged geographic position, access to diverse talent, dynamic local communities, creative districts (Roma-Condesa) and global connectivity, make CDMX a pivotal place for growth. Most of all, Mexico City is resilient; this chaotic and beautiful city teaches people how to enjoy the unexpected.

What does a typical day look like for a Wizeline engineer living and working in Mexico City? Follow along as we spend 24 hours in Mexico City.

Getting the day started, 6:30 AM

A typical day in the city starts before the sun rises for most chilangos—a once-contemptuous term now used endearingly by new generations. The commute in the city can be challenging, so most professionals wake up early in the morning, work out or prepare their children for school, and then face a 45–90 minutes ride to work. Fortunately, CDMX is well-connected, and employees can take the subway, tram, Metrobus, car or bike to work. In 2017, the city reported 135,000 bike rides of less than five kilometers a day. That number keeps rising as more people and more people, including Wizeliners, choose to bike instead of drive.

A balanced breakfast, 9:00 AM

Surviving the chaotic commute and occasional protest on the way to the office can work up an appetite. Wizeliners arrive at the office located in La Roma, a central and hip neighborhood, where a warm and balanced breakfast is waiting. After breakfast, it’s time to start tackling the day’s priorities.

Getting things done, 12:00 PM

It’s midday and our CDMX office is in full swing and fully committed to work. An average working day consists of team stand-ups, customers demos, one-on-one conversations with teammates and managers, most importantly—coding awesome projects. Suddenly, it’s time for lunch. After lunch, project managers, developers, and recruiters come together on the terrace and work for the rest of the afternoon.


Time to relax, 6:00 PM

After a busy day, Wizeliners can grab a beer and relax, start a ping-pong match with colleagues,  and exchange stories from the day.

A late taste of La Roma, 8:00 PM

La Roma was built during the early 1900’s and was once an aristocratic hub. It still has a European vibe due to its eclectic architecture and contemporary developments. The neighborhood has countless bars and restaurants, hipster coffee shops, and parks that create its unique environment. The prime location of Wizeline’s Mexico City office makes it possible for employees to eat, drink, and hang out together in a lively part of the city.

Mexico City has its fair share of traffic but its diversity makes it an amazing city to live in. With a progressive history of championing same-sex marriage in Mexico and a recent history of natural disasters, this city has lived and survived adversities and still stands strong. Multicultural, dynamic, and vibrant; Mexico City embodies Wizeline’s culture and values.

Written by Brendali Lopez, Recruitment Marketing Manager at Wizeline.

Brendali is based in the Wizeline CDMX office.

Nellie Luna Posted by Nellie Luna on Tuesday, October 16, 2018.


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